Global Information and Communications Epidemic Invention Technology

The Global Information and Communications Epidemic Invention Technology evolutionary ethical growth and development of the human condition is extremely complex. The task of promoting human evolution involves recognizing prior scientific errors and acting epidemic invention technology accordingly. Modern science has classify itself as an incurable carcinogenic condition leading to some extinction and is unethical. Ancient Greek science, on the other hand. Knew about the extinction of life forms from fossil evidence epidemic invention technology and invent a nuclear science. Specifically so that civilization would not go extinct. During the 3rd century BC Plato’s Academy actually call it science for ethical purposes.

Epidemic Invention

Epidemic Invention

Technology apply principle logic to the motion of the moon

At Epicurean University, atomic ethics first epidemic invention technology apply principle logic to the motion of the moon. Which affects the female cycle by resonating with atoms associate with female fertility. This resonance was carry out to explain a mother’s love and compassion for children and belonge to the science of universal love. His masters were call the Savior. Who saves civilization from the destructive properties of the formless chaos but also epidemic invention technology material that comes out of the atom, as the plan and Philo imagine.

Carcinogenic growth and development

The pursuit of first principle logic, especially with regard to carcinogenic growth and development. Is of the utmost epidemic invention technology importance. In these circumstances, the recognition of scientific errors requires a precise reexamination of ancient science itself. While the associate intuitive religious beliefs are highly relevant. It can be consider degrading to let it tie itself epidemic invention technology into knots of unimaginable complexity rather than gain a wiser understanding of our obligation to them.

Represent ancient scientific thought

There were scientific geniuses who epidemic invention technology represent ancient scientific thought. Relate to the destructive property of formless matter (nuclear detonation) that comes from the atom to destroy civilization. They include Plato; father of ethical scientific research in the western epidemic invention technology world. Philo; connecting Greek science with Hebrew culture and Al-Haytham; the Islamic father of optics. Isaac Newton, a devout Christian, announce that early ancient Greek logic correctly epidemic invention technology explain gravity. He argue that it was a ghastly mistake to assume that the mass of objects in space because cause gravity (see discussions of Newton’s 28th interrogation). Plato, Philo, and Al-Haytham claim that developing a science base on the concept of all knowledge derive from the senses. Especially vision, will cause the destructive property of formless matter to come epidemic invention technology out within the atom to destroy civilization.

Fundamental scientific errors prevents information

The general global religious reluctance to epidemic invention technology investigate such profound fundamental scientific errors prevents information and communication research from advancing human civilization in an ethical and non-carcinogenic direction. The consequence of this is the global epidemic invention technology relate to the contagious effects of but also that dysfunctional scientific communication and information.

Common knowledge epidemic invention technology

It is becoming common knowledge epidemic invention technology that American medical epidemiologists. Appoint by the government of the  States of America to protect the health and well-being of society. Have identify a dysfunctional global because epidemic invention technology resembling an uncontrollable virus. Researchers have publish that it is an epidemic of emotional control that is transmit through the mass production of information and communication equipment. They have recognize that the best that can be done is to try to mitigate the damage cause by the virus-like epidemic invention technology in order to fulfill their epidemiological responsibilities.

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