Represent a Domain in the Intuitive Segment Tend Technology

Those who represent a domain in the intuitive segment tend technology to be of the or data / number type and can be seen as lacking in social skills and will say what they have in mind no matter how it may get the other person to feel they could basically say something. Accidentally hurting someone without even realizing that their words hurt, but they tend to be very sensitive to criticism direct their way. Intuitive segment tend technology are people who tend to be process or technology driven. Intuitive want to gather information and then more information, they feel driven towards the facts and procedures of love.

Tend Technology

Tend Technology

Some traits that can characterize Intuitive:

Given their attraction to tend technology and numbers, intuitive people tend to (but not always) have trouble communicating with people on an emotional level. They can be seen as lacking empathy and carefree almost to the point of being robotic. analytical, control, orderly, precise, careful, tend technology conventional logic, careful, discipline, serious, task-orient, loves facts and data, works slowly without haste. Intuitive people also tend to exclude emotions; from decisions tend technology and only look at the data, they are perfectionists who do not want; to make a decision or present a project until they feel it is perfect or they have gather enough; information, they can be very stiff and demand tend technology of them the same as the others.

Traits you can use to identify intuitive personality types:

They always want more information, they like to solve problems, they show very little emotion, they talk quietly, they hate to make mistakes, they love to solve problems, and they relate better at tend technology than humans. If you are selling or managing an intuitive, it is better to communicate tend technology with them by speaking slowly, using numbers and facts instead of emotions, do not force them to make a decision in the lead, but set the expectation that they will have to to make a decision tend technology; and then give them a decision. limit time (1 week, 3 days) to collect data and then make a decision. Do not rush with them as this will push them out of their comfort; zone and they will shut off.

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Also, do not try to be too kind to intuitive people as they live in a world that is more in; line with tend; technology and numbers, excessive kindness can make them feel uncomfortable and suspicious. Rogers English Consulting is an English; language and tend technology corporate culture consulting firm locate in Bogota, Colombia. REC works with companies to develop and implement training programs for English and corporate culture to offer employees. REC focuses on developing the afforestation corporate; culture and English programs as well as tend technology; communication, presentations, speeches, virtual training and sales / service training for employees.

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